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Kutner Law LLP assists doctors in every stage of their careers, for example:

  • If you are a recent graduate you will likely be signing an agreement with a hospital, or often in the case of family doctors in a group. We can review or draft these agreements for you and ensure that you understand the implications.
  • We will assist with the incorporation of your own medicine professional corporation. By incorporating doctors can enjoy the benefit of a lower marginal tax rate and income splitting. Our lawyers would be happy to walk you through the advantages of incorporating your medical practice and to assist you with your incorporation.
  • If you open up your own practice we can assist in drafting or reviewing the lease.
  • Once you decide to buy or sell a home we can assist in the transaction.
  • As a doctor you know that life can change in an instant so we can assist you in preparing your wills and powers of attorneys.

If you are a doctor and require legal advice please contact us for a free consultation

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